Hiring an Immigration Attorney During COVID19 Pandemic

Immigration Attorneys all around the country are available to help with your U.S. immigration legal matters. If you have an immigration matter needing urgent resolution and care, you may desire the help of an immigration attorney to help you prepare and file your immigration applications, and improve your chances of success with your U.S. immigration goals, particularly in these times which has caused disruption and confusion within the immigration system. Here are some ways that our firm has been able to successfully help clients file and maneuver through the immigration process during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

During these difficult times, our firm remains operational and committed to working on your case, answering your questions, responding to emails, and meeting case deadlines as our staff work off-site.

With carefully implemented procedures in response to COVID19, we continue to work on our current cases and are accepting new appointments and cases while placing the safety of our clients and staff as a top priority. Virtual appointments are available via telephone, Zoom, or Whatsapp. To retain our office to help with your immigration case, retainer agreements are signed electronically and payments are made through online invoices.

We have structured our firm processes to ensure that every aspect of preparing your immigration case can be completed digitally and easily.

Our firm creates a personalized client account for each client using a secured portal via Mycase, a case management system. Here the client can securely log-in, share and receive documents, and send messages directly to the attorney or staff from anywhere in the world at any time. Clients appreciate the convenience this provides, as many of our clients are not local and spread out all over the United States and abroad.

Due to COVID-19, USCIS will accept benefit forms and documents without an original, wet signature for submissions dated after March 21, 2020, but with no announced end date. This means the document can be scanned, faxed, or photocopied from an original signature. USCIS notes that the documents with the original signatures must be retained if USCIS wishes to request it for adjudication. This accommodation supports the digital and virtual preparation of immigration filings by making it much easier to obtain signatures needed for the filing of immigration forms.

During these times not only have we been able to properly and easily prepare immigration filings, we have been able to resolve immigration issues, and continue to receive approvals and other correspondence from USCIS almost daily.

We remain open and available to help. We welcome your calls. Our office number is 321-325-1125.

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